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Thanks for your interest in becoming a Profound Studio Pro and/or Instructor. We have the best group of experts on the web and the site is designed to have a limited number of pros so we need to check out your work. Fill out the form below and let us know more about you.
For more info on the system and methods go to the How Does it Work? page. There's no fee to apply or join the platform. All you need is examples of great work and quick access to a recording studio.
*If you experience a problem with this application please contact us at [email protected]

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If you're applying as a Profound Studio Instructor please answer a few questions about your classes. Profound Studio does not provide curriculum for Instructors but we will hold Instructors to a high standard. We simply put you together with your students in an interactive setting with a Learning Management System and from there you can create content and lessons in your unique teaching style. Profound Studio doesn't offer Instrument Classes, our focus is on recording.

We have setup standard Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced listings for the big subjects of DAW, Mixing, Mastering, Tracking/Micing, Editing and StudioCraft. If you have a Custom Class idea that lies outside of these subjects just explain it below and we'll include it on your profile.

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DAWMixingMasteringTracking/MicingEditingStudioCraftSound Design

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DAWMixingMasteringTracking/MicingEditingStudioCraftSound Design

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DAWMixingMasteringTracking/MicingEditingStudioCraftSound Design

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