James Mulvale

Toronto - I write, record and produce music for TV, film and video games. Everything in the box with credits from BBC, GemsTV, Cineflex (American Pickers etc), Infamous Quests, Worthless Bums LLC. I specialize in music programming, MIDI, live recording, arrangement, orchestral score. I've been professional in this field for 6 years. I recently won Best Soundtrack in the AGS video game awards 2015.
Teaching Experience: I currently teach songwriting, music production and a making-music course at Singer's Edge Music School, Toronto.


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Gear: Cubase, Mackie Desk,  Samson C03 Mics / SM58, AudioTechnica ATH M50x cans, M-Audio AV40 Monitors Saphire 0202 Interface, Steinberg AI, Steinberg FD, Steinberg DM, ,Sample Packs:  EWQL Complete Composer's Collection, EWQL Composer Cloud (ALL GOLD PACKAGES), Symphonic Orchestra Platinum, Symphonic Choirs, Stormdrum 2/3, Goliath Ra Pianos, Gold Voices of Passion, Ghostwriter Silk Road, Twisted Textures Fab Four, Ministry of Rock, Entire Steven Slate Drums Collection  Plugins/Synths: Slate digital Virtual Consoles, Slate digital Virtual Tape Machines, Slate digital Virtual Buss Compressors, Slate digital Virtual Mix Rack, Slate digital FG-X Mastering Limiter,  UVI Digital Synsations, UVI Energy, UVI Analogic 9, UVI Sweepmachine, UVI Scratchmachine,  Waves Gold Bundle, Waves Element Synth, Waves Reel ADT, Waves Manny Maroquin Toneshaper, Waves TG12345 console, Waves Vocal Rider, Waves DeBreath, Waves Vitamin, Waves CLA-2A, Waves H-EQ, Waves H-Delay, Waves GTR 3, Waves Kramer Pie, Waves Kramer Master Tape, Waves C6 Multiband Compressor, Waves Center, Waves PS22, Waves Pumper, Waves SSL G-EQ, Waves SSL Console, Waves SSL Master Buss Compressor,  WaveArts Panorama Binaural processor, Zynaptiq Morph, Zynaptiq Unveil

Styles: Electronic, Rock, Pop



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Mixing (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)  -  Cubase (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Mastering (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)  - Tracking/Micing (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

 Editing (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)  - Sound Design (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)