David Stagl
Pro Tools

(USA-GA) David Stagl is an independent audio engineer currently based out of the Atlanta area. Over the last 25 years he has built a reputation as a highly versatile engineer deftly transitioning across the multi-faceted world of audio production serving as a mixing engineer, FOH engineer, recording engineer, and performer with projects ranging from the studio to the world of live sound to audio post-production.
The early years of Dave's career were dedicated to the world of audio post-production and music production serving as a staff engineer for production companies in the Chicago area. The next phase of his career focused on live sound with a focus on houses of worship culminating in a 9 year staff position as Audio Director for North Point Community Church, one of the largest churches in the United States. At North Point, Dave oversaw all audio production related to Sunday services including mixing FOH and broadcast audio while leading and managing a team of 2 dozen engineers.
Dave currently focuses primarily on mixing in his private studio where he specializes in music production, audio post-production, and podcast projects. He also continues working as a FOH engineer whenever possible. When Dave isn't behind a console, he dedicates his time to consulting and training with a focus on serving houses of worship.
Dave has been a featured participant at conferences such WFX and Gurus of Tech and has been one of the most frequently featured guests on the Church Tech Weekly podcast. His articles have been published in Church Production Magazine and on Waves.com as well as on his own website: Goingto11.com. He has tested equipment and software for leading audio manufacturers such as Shure and Avid and was most recently a part of the Development Team for Avid’s S6L console. Dave is also a member of the Artist Roster for Waves plug-ins.


Rates: $75/Hr.

Gear: Waves, Slate Digital, Fab Filter, Plugin Alliance

Styles: Rock, Pop, Country, Praise and Worship



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Mixing (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)





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