Mat Keselman: Pro Tools/Reason/Logic
Drums/Percussion/Technician/Sound Design

Toronto, Canada - I am a producer, engineer, and drummer based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My work has helped artists enjoy features on networks such as MTV and Oxygen, as well as achieve FM and XM radio exposure, reaching a worldwide audience of millions.
As a Producer, Recording Engineer, and Mix Engineer I have had the fortune of making music with some of my favourite artists both locally and around the world. As a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and writer, I am able to communicate and envision every element of the production, as well as the big picture with you.
When I am not Producing or Engineering, I am teaching Production and Engineering at Durham College in Ontario, Canada. Communicating and going over the process is one of my favourite things.
As a drummer, I am a member of the international rock band Bolus. When not playing with Bolus, I love playing on other people's projects. It's always an interesting and fun experience to make someone else's vision come to life. My background as a trained Engineer and Producer allow me to get very specific, and great sounding drum sounds.

Rates: Depending on material, an average of: $350 / Mix,  $70 / Master,  $1200 / Song Production Classes Rates: Depends on the length and complexity of the class. Between $60-$150 per hour

Gear: Ears, Slate Raven MTi Console, UAD2, AT 4047, Waves, UA 4-710 Twinfinity, Focusrite ISA, Dynaudio BM series monitors, Auratone monitors, Sony, Shure, Primacoustic and Inity room treatment, and lots more

Styles: Pop, Rock, Metal, R&B, Electronic


(message instructor for details)

Mixing (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)  -  Pro Tools (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Mastering (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)  - Tracking/Micing (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

 Editing (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)  - StudioCraft (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Sound Design (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) - Logic (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Rate varies from $60/h to $140/h depending on content, level, and group size

I have designed 3 government-approved courses for Durham College in Canada, 2 courses for Riot Radio in Canada, and many various courses as an independent audio and drum instructor. I have been working as a professor with course design, review, and implementation professionally for 7 years.