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Classes on Profound Studio are LIVE. Video and Audio are HD. Class sizes vary from one-on-one to hundreds of students for informal events.

Many instructors create Custom Classes that highlight their favorite subjects, plugins and techniques. You can also fill out a Class Request to let all of our instructors know what YOU want to learn!

Steve Riggs (UK-Birmingham)

Mat Keselman (CAN-TO)

Alexandre Perron (CAN-MTL)
Pro Tools

Sascha Ottenburg (ZH-SUI)
Logic/Pro Tools/Ableton

James Mulvale (CAN-TO)

George Valentin Pane (Bucharest)
Pro Tools/Reaper

Ken Gregory (USA-ATL)
Digital Performer

La Keenan Ealy (USA-MI)

Wes Yoakam (USA-GA)