Hi Everyone!

This page will help you get started using Profound Studio.
Our system is more personal, engaging and interactive than any similar site. Through the most current tech available we've built a Video Chat and Screen-Sharing platform that is completely new. Other studio pro freelance sites simply put clients together with an expert and say "good luck". Profound Studio makes sure that the client gets the best, fully vetted and tested pros and puts them together on video chat. We've built in that magic feeling of creative effort that is the best part of a great recording session or lesson.

For Clients:

If you know what you want from your tracks Find Your Pro here. If you just need some quick advice go HERE.

If you're not sure just fill out This form and and receive bids from pros. Be realistic with your budget or your project will just sit there getting no attention.

Go HERE for a step-by-step guide on how to use the site.


For Students:

Profound Studio's Classes system is innovative beyond what is offered in other online learning environments including the big name music/media schools. Using the most up-to-date video/audio chat tech, we've designed a fully interactive classroom experience that will inspire you to greater heights in your career. You will be seen and heard by the instructor (you'll need a webcam) and through screen-sharing you can see every move the Instructor makes with his mouse. We'll have ongoing classes to cover the standard material and instructors will also create their own Custom Classes. We also have a feature called Class Requests that allows students to tell the instructors what they wish to learn!


For Pros:

We take on pros after an evaluation of their work. Instructors are held to the same high quality standards but also need to create their own curriculum and keep up with their students progress. Our pros are independent freelancers and set their own rates and schedules.

Please fill out an Application to apply as a Pro.

If you're already signed up go HERE to learn how to setup and use OBS software to stream your Classes and Events.

Go HERE to learn how to setup OBS in the Crowdcast platform.

If you plan to teach go HERE to see how deep you can go.


Profiles and Community:

At the heart of the site is a Community Management/Profile system that enables interactions between Pros and their Clients. It's where you send messages, share your song files, meet up in video chat, post your projects, send/receive class materials. A profile will be created for you at Registration.