Robert Hadley (USA-CA)

Robert Hadley is a graduate of Sound Master School Of Engineering in Los Angeles. He has been Mastering since 1993. 4 Time Grammy Nominee winner of 2 Grammys. 2 time TEC Award recipient.

JN Tracks (USA-OH)
Pro Tools

Clients from around the world have been trusting me with their sound for more than a decade. I know it means a lot when you put your project --your art-- in my hands. I like an organic approach to projects. I like them to sound real and alive, and I’d rather hear the “air” in the room between the instruments than polish it all out in the mix.

Signals&Noises Studio (CAN)
Logic/Pro Tools

A graduate of Fanshawe College's flagship Music Industry Arts program, and Owner/Engineer of Signals & Noises, Simon Ng believes in more than just making music, but giving it the life it deserves.

David Stagl (USA-ATL)
Pro Tools

David Stagl is an independent audio engineer currently based out of the Atlanta area. Over the last 25 years he has built a reputation as a highly versatile engineer deftly transitioning across the multi-faceted world of audio production serving as a mixing engineer, FOH engineer, recording engineer, and performer with projects ranging from the studio to the world of live sound to audio post-production.

Luke Moorer (USA-GA)
Pro Tools/Logic

Luke has worked with #1 Billboard charting artist Casey J, MajorSeven (produced "Devil Is A Lie" Rick Ross), Carlos Cahee (produced "Down Town" August Alsina) and Toney Homer (Mindless behavior, Coko, Jessica Reedy). In 2015, Luke received two nominations for the 37th annual covenant awards in Canada. Additionally, in 2015, Luke started using his knowledge of audio engineering to teach at Tara Simon Studios.

James Mulvale (CAN-TO)

I write, record and produce music for TV, film and video games. Everything in the box with credits from BBC, GemsTV, Cineflex (American Pickers etc), Infamous Quests, Worthless Bums LLC. I specialize in music programming, MIDI, live recording, arrangement, orchestral score. I've been professional in this field for 6 years. I recently won Best Soundtrack in the AGS video game awards 2015.
Teaching Experience: I currently teach songwriting, music production and a making-music course at Singer's Edge Music School, Toronto.

Wes Yoakam (USA-GA)

Professional summary: Performed right at 3000 professional gigs with signed original bands, guitar accompianist with classical/opera/pop style group, and as entertainer around the country. I have produced and released 4 full length albums plus 5 eps. I have produced done vocal coaching music for many local artists around Atlanta. Studied and worked with grammy award winning producers Phil Tan, Jan Smith, Billy Hume, and John Keane among many others. Proficient in Protools, Reason, midi applications and software, Ableton live, and many more. I specialize in helping solo artists finish and produce their songs with a full arrangement. I am a lead singer quality vocalist/backup singer; I play guitar, keyboards, program bass and percussion, and have experience arranging for strings etc. I can also score to picture within ProTools.

Angel Maldonado (USA-DC)

Producer, Wild Radio, WKYS-FM, DC
Chief Music Engineer, Midieast Studio 2009-2015
Chief Music Engineer, FatLyfe Studio 2015-present
Producer, Top 10 Hit List, Vibe 103-FM, Bermuda
Engineering credits: Buju Banton, Pastor Troy, Fat Trel (2010-2016), Maino, Issa J, Will Po, Comp, Johnathan Martin, Young Moe, Slutty Boyz (2010-2016)

Alex Psaroudakis (USA-NYC)

Known for his fastidious ears that balances mixes leaving them feeling polished, and musical; Alex’s masters are dynamic while remaining competitively loud. Mastering since 1999, it is no surprise that Alex Psaroudakis’ clients continue to be influential EDM, Electronic, Techno, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Reggae artists today. He's currently with Sterling Sound in NYC (THE mastering studio since 1968) and has completed over 500 projects in a year's time!

Andrew Keith Russell (CAN)
Presonus Studio One

Not one to name drop......but over 3 decades in the industry, managing, promoting, engineering, studio managing and road manager gigs. Working with the best! Buzz Shearman (Moxy) Bob Doidge (Cottingham Sound), Dave Beatty (QED Media) , Bob Connolly (Cosmic Sound) Sweeney Todd, Vehicle, Canada Jam Concert (100,000 attendance - Doobie Bros.-Commodores-Triumph-Dave Mason-Atlanta Rhythm Session-Village People) Jeannette Ricasio (J'Nai), Richie Ngyan (J'nai), Johnnys Hat
Pioneered........ First "Live Radio Broadcast in Canada for C-Fox Radio in Vancouver - Live from Gary Taylors Rock Room and subsequent greatest hits album. AND C-Kal Radio - Vernon - Saturday Night Live -recorded on Thursday night- Featured artist - Gary Fellgard
Studios....... - Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver - Ocean Studios, North Vancouver - Studio 92, Toronto - Cosmic Sound, Hamilton - 20/20 Sound Vancouver - Audiaone Mobile Recording- and many more!

Glenn Thomas-ITune Audio (CA)
Pro Tools/Sonar/Studio One

Our world-class mastering engineers have fine-tuned the likes of Nashville’s greats and musicians that are breaking through the music scene to become the greatest hits of tomorrow. Let us show you what it takes to give your track that little bit extra that will push it over the top. Also offering “Disc Description Protocol” uploads (DDP).

Clients Include: Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Bob Horn, Marc Mozart and many more.

Major Oak Audio Mastering/
Luca Martello (UK)
Cubase Pro 8

I started my mastering career in January 2007 when living in North Italy. I relocated to Spain for one year in 2012 and undertook some work for Jaime Helios, a Spanish New-Age artist who went on to win the BEST NEW AGE/AMBIENT ARTIST in HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA AWARDS 2013 for a song mixed and mastered by myself.

Karna Kukananthan (AU)
Pro Tools

I have been Producing, Editing, Mixing and Mastering for 15 years, and I get the greatest satisfaction from teaching Musicians, Producers and Engineers how to turn their creative ideas into reality, and working with them to create their musical masterpieces.

Innervoice Media (USA-CA)
Pro Tools/Logic

I've been in the music business for almost 30 years, first as a performer, then as an engineer, producer, educator and publisher. My company offers a variety of consulting, from music business and marketing to studio install and mix/remix/master services for the web and NorCal indie music community.

Aleksandr Volk (Latvia)
Pro Tools

Alex is a second-generation audio engineer, son of the famous Igor Wolk, who is considered to be one of the best live engineers in Russia.
Alex’s story started back when he was 11. His father owned a huge equipment renting company in Tallin and little Alex used to hang out at the main warehouse in his spare time. That’s where the real interest in all of the endless wires and knobs came.
Without asking anybody Alex got himself some basic music production software and started writing and creating tracks on his home pc. For almost a year this remained unknown to his parents but when his father has heard Alex’s music he started teaching him. When Alex was 13 he started working in the studio built specially for him. Days and nights he spent learning and expanding his knowledge, skipping school and the “normal” teenager life. Alex is absolutely in love with music, that’s what he’s doing all his life.
The clients featured in his portfolio feature some of the biggest names in the Russian music business. He is truly a prodigy.

Mystery Room Mastering (USA-WI)
Pro Tools/Reaper

Full-time mastering engineer and former production engineer/mixer at various studios including Smart Studios in Madison, WI. WaveLab (mastering software) beta tester, also very familiar with Pro Tools and just starting to use REAPER on a daily basis.

Sascha Ottenburg (ZH-SUI)
Logic/Pro Tools/Ableton

I am a Audio Engineering Student at the SAE Institute Zurich. I first came across the world of music production 7 years ago. Till now I gained a lot of experience. Here are the points where I am working on since a long time: -Music production -Post production -Live sets (in term of performing as a electronic musician live. -Recording Since about a year I started with listening book recording, sound design + production. I use Logic Pro 9 + X since 7 Years. Nowadays I use Logic for Composing + Pre Mix, Pro Tools for the Mixdown + Master and Ableton Live for Live performances.

Heath Ripplinger (USA-CA)
Pro Tools

I began my professional career in music at age 14. I moved from Washington State in 2005 to pursue music in Los Angeles, CA.
While keeping the atmosphere fun and inspiring, Heath maintains a philosophy focused on passionately producing the best possible sounding recordings.
The studio experience with Heath is never a dull moment. He works fast, and clients always enjoy watching him fly around the keyboard. Heath is down to earth, easy going, and is an excellent communicator. Always taking the time to educate clients throughout the production and mix process. His patience combined with his vision and years of experience are the perfect combination for producing you an extraordinary product.

​ Heath is also a multi-instrumentalist and composer with dozens of television and commercial placements. His original music has been featured on Showtime, Discovery, Fox Sports, TLC, Nat Geo, HGTV, DIY network and more.

Thomas Genay (USA-OK)
Pro Tools

My musical experience began with my sister playing acoustic guitar and all of her favorite cd's for me. By the age of 12 I finally picked up the guitar myself (first song I learned was La Bamba). Playing and learning new songs was always a hobby until 2009 while I was in my Jr. year of high school. My school offered a program where we could choose to study off campus for an elective. I chose to study broadcast and sound engineering at Tulsa Technology Center in Jenks Oklahoma. Upon completion I received the dean's honor roll mention. My teacher, Mr. Haggard is who I credit most of my Pro Tools knowledge to. He taught me the foundation which I have been building off of for the past 7 years. After graduating high school in 2010 I met a guy who had DJ gear. He showed me techno music for the very first time and taught me how to mix them together. We would practice that daily for hours on end and ended up landing our first gig here in Tulsa, OK in 2011. During the entire time we were djing I was also composing/producing my own techno tracks under the name Astronoize. Astronoize released multiple records on various labels through beatport and itunes. Being the producer that I am I had a yearning to continue learning more about other music. So after 4 more years and shows played all over Oklahoma me and my partner decided to part ways in 2015. I took a break from producing my own songs and began to immerse myself in the Hip Hop culture. By the end of 2015 I was itching to get back in the studio. At the beginning of 2016 Division Project was born where I am currently trying to offer my beat making, mixing, and mastering services.