Justin Perkins
WaveLab/iZotope RX/REAPER

(USA-WI) Full-time mastering engineer, former production engineer/mixer at various studios including Smart Studios in Madison, WI. I'm very proficient with WaveLab (mastering software), and also very familiar with iZotope RX, Pro Tools, and REAPER.

Every few months I take a break from the studio and play bass live for Tommy Stinson (of The Replacements, Bash & Pop, and Guns N Roses). Yes, I have really really nice earplugs.
Mastering is a really specialized process that goes beyond stereo buss processing which is what most people consider mastering to be. I think it's hard to pay full attention to the finer details of mastering when you also do recording/mixing projects, especially on the same project. It's two different hats/mindsets/skillsets. Now that we can and should optimize masters for the myriad of formats that music is released on today (streaming, digital stores, CD, vinyl, cassette), as well as keep track of loudness normalization practices by the various streaming services, things are not so simple as the days when we just made one CD master and called it a day. Mastering is also quality control, spectral editing, metadata input and management, file archiving and so much more and using the right software is a game changer.

Classes will be offered in mastering with analog equipment, WaveLab, and iZotope RX.

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Gear: PSI Audio A215-M monitors with two A125-M subwoofers, PSI Audio AVAA active bass trap(x2), Crane Song Avocet IIA monitor controller, Dangerous Master, Dangerous Liaison, Crane Song HEDD Quantum, Prism Lyra 2, Vertigo Sound VSM-3, Maselec MEA-2, Dangerous BAX EQ, Hendyamps Michelangelo EQ, High Voltage Audio EQ6S, Dangerous Compressor, Dave Hill Titan (linked dual mono compressors), Manley VariMu, API 2500, Dorrough 40-D/AES, TC Clarity M, Little Labs MONOTOR, Audeze LCD-X headphones.

Styles: Rock, Americana, Punk Rock, Garage, Pop, Jazz, Country



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Mastering (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) - WaveLab (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Mastering with Analog Equipment  (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) - Izotope RX  (Beginner, Inermediate, Advanced)


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