Aleksandr Volk
Pro Tools

Latvia - Alex is a second-generation audio engineer, son of the famous Igor Wolk, who is considered to be one of the best live engineers in Russia.
Alex’s story started back when he was 11. His father owned a huge equipment renting company in Tallin and little Alex used to hang out at the main warehouse in his spare time. That’s where the real interest in all of the endless wires and knobs came.
Without asking anybody Alex got himself some basic music production software and started writing and creating tracks on his home pc. For almost a year this remained unknown to his parents but when his father has heard Alex’s music he started teaching him. When Alex was 13 he started working in the studio built specially for him. Days and nights he spent learning and expanding his knowledge, skipping school and the “normal” teenager life. Alex is absolutely in love with music, that’s what he’s doing all his life.
The clients featured in his portfolio feature some of the biggest names in the Russian music business. He is truly a prodigy.


Rates: Rec - 30usd/hr.   Mix - 350 usd   Mastering - 110 usd

Styles: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, Electronic, Jazz

Gear: Pro Tools, Reason, Helios, Shadow Hills, Meyer Sound, Square Audio, API, Zener, Distressor, Purple Audio, Culture Vulture




Production samples: