Kevin Stokley
Gone Coastal(USA-OH)

With an incredible studio at hand, utilizing all of the amazing analog gear you've read about, I will make your mix PUNCH. Relying on some guy with a cracked copy of Pro Tools and stock plugins isn't gonna get you there! My mixes includes a fullĀ­service guarantee.

Shaun Rayment (UK)

Record Producer, Professional Mixing and also Mastering engineer. Own private studio in England. Also founding member and bassist for the UK Prog Rock band Enochian Theory.

Konrad Unold/Kontemplate (UK)

Started working in media/music industry at the age of 16 (radio dj, club dj. tv presenter), moved to advertising spots/commercials production, started an acid jazz band two years later [established my position as a songwriter/producer]. Remained in radio/tv for 10 years meanwhile producing songs with copyright/royalties sale to various artists in Poland. I recently published my mixes of the free multitrack recordings on soundcloud with use of various techniques (please read the description of each track).

Chris Alpiar (USA-ATL)
Pro Tools/Cubase/Digital Performer

Christopher Alpiar is an award-winning saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer and media composer. His specialization as a performer is in the Jazz, free-Jazz and Avant-garde Jazz idioms, but he is " love with every form of music made by humans".

Chris has been a Jazz saxophonist for over 25 years. As an instrumentalist and studio musician he has had the unique pleasure of recording as a sideman on hundreds of recording sessions and spent a significant amount of time touring Europe and South America.

Daniel Lyng (NO)
Cubase Pro

I do remote mixing & mastering, music/ audio producer, cover song playbacks, audio for video. I have had music and audio/music production as a hobby since the early 2000's. I studied sound and music production at Noroff Instituttet in Bergen, Norway for two years. I mostly work on rock/metal, but I also do more acoustic music and rap/hiphop/electronic music. I try to enhance the songs strengths and, if any, decrease the weaknesses. The strengths wary of course, since they are mere reflections of the musician(s) musical identity.

Itchy Brain Recordings (USA-ATL)

With an in-depth knowledge of acoustics, analog signal paths, outboard gear, computer hardware and software, Steve is ready to use his knowledge of both recording worlds to make the best records possible. Whether it's an analog or digital recording Steve will ensure it will sound it's best.

James Mulvale (CAN-TO)

I write, record and produce music for TV, film and video games. Everything in the box with credits from BBC, GemsTV, Cineflex (American Pickers etc), Infamous Quests, Worthless Bums LLC. I specialize in music programming, MIDI, live recording, arrangement, orchestral score. I've been professional in this field for 6 years. I recently won Best Soundtrack in the AGS video game awards 2015.
Teaching Experience: I currently teach songwriting, music production and a making-music course at Singer's Edge Music School, Toronto.