Ted Mason
Pro Tools

(US-NYC) Ted Mason is a former member of the multiplatinum British rock/pop band Modern English and an EMMY nominated film producer and music producer. He is an Academy Award winning producer/composer for the Academy Award winning HBO documentary "Prudence's Song". Ted is a lead guitarist, Classical/Flamenco/Bebop guitarist singer songwriter he is President of his own Record Label Mi5 Recordings a Universal financed and distributed label. He is also a partner with the film company Umbrella Media LLC.

In addition to playing in Modern English Mr. Mason has worked as a producer/musician with such artists as AKON, Chris Brown, Mary J Blige, Pharrell Williams, Common, Jeff Beck, Robert Plant, Santana, Dead Prez, Midge Ure, Bob Geldoff, the Verve, Jesus and the Mary Chain, Prince, Papa Wemba, Khaled, Youssou N'dour, Macy Grey, Thomas Mapfumo and Peter Gabriel. He has successfully released back catalog and obscure Modern English tracks through his label as well as a huge roster of artists from Hip Hop to Africa Soukous. He now performs as a solo artist in the United States Europe and Africa blending British Rock with world and African music.


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Gear: Pro Tools, Analog Desks

Styles: Pop Rock, Country, Electronic, Metal, Jazz



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